In this piece, I am exploring notions of Metamodernism, by looking through the lens of architectural narratives and materiality. The work seeks to express the oscillation between Modernism and Postmodernism, and our quest between the two states, whilst establishing
its own identity but not rejecting either.

This is conveyed in the modernist pure Cartesian form and the concrete shadow gap,
and the self-aware re-use of the everyday building object, with the appropriation of an air conditioning duct.

I am currently working on a object that wraps around (shown in the photographs in cardboard and sketch form), combines and is supported by the others. It will be testing an idea around decoration and patterns that are trending in contemporary architectural facades.

I am intrigued by incidental and accidental beauty and joy, that can be found in industrial and colloquial buildings; such as the leftover construction of exposed gable ends and its black sheeting pinned by the optimally spaced studwork. That which starts out as prosaic, yet becomes the uncanny. 


Incidental, 2018
Concrete, alumium
55 x 50 x 35cm

Incidental Back Lighter x4.jpg
Incidental_Inprogress resized.jpg